Ecosystem in the telecommunications and IT industry

Sinnwell relies on cooperation. Within the framework of an economic network, we can assert ourselves even better in the long term in a competitive business environment and at the same time keep the speed of innovation, which is so important for the telecommunications and IT industry, as high as possible. In addition to stable and intensive customer relationships, our ecosystem includes membership in associations as well as strategic partnerships with selected companies.

In an ecosystem, a complex network comes together to form a functioning whole that can do more than the sum of its individual parts. In the end, all participants benefit from this - not least the customers. They receive state-of-the-art solutions for complex services from a single source, which none of the participating players could have offered on their own. 

Sinnwell in turn gains access to new customer contacts, resources and markets as part of its ecosystem, without having to give up the concentration on its own core competences. In our case, these are and will remain mobile communications, network technology and IT services.

In the following, we present our economic network: with all important customers and partners as well as the associations to which we belong. 

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Sinnwell AG | Cisco Partner
CISCO – Select Integrator

Cisco is a leading global provider of IT and network technologies that has helped shape the future of the Internet with its routers and switches.
Sinnwell is listed by Cisco as an expert and consultant who can plan, expand and operate Cisco solutions thanks to its technical know-how and extensive experience.

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Sinnwell AG | Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks

Sinnwell has been an official partner of JUNIPER Networks, one of the world's largest network equipment manufacturers, for many years.
Therefore, network operators can rely on Sinnwell to always set up their Juniper-based solutions according to the current requirements and to ensure their stable operation.

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Sinnwell AG | O-RAN Alliance
O-RAN Alliance

The members and contributors of the O-RAN Alliance are committed to advancing radio access networks around the world.
Together with leading mobile, hardware and software companies, Sinnwell is currently
establishing an open standard for mobile networks in Germany and Europe.

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Sinnwell AG | iGZ Partner
iGZ e.V.

The Association of German Temporary Employment Agencies (German abbrev – iGZ e.V.) stands for good temporary work and has concluded collective agreements with all individual trade unions at the DGB.
As a member company, Sinnwell is committed to the common code of ethics for fair treatment of all participants and focuses on further training/qualification measures as a central task of the industry.

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